The weedy path.


Last term just before the end, I went home after work to do my usual brows around my garden when I suddenly had the urge and energy to start up-rooting my path.  For five years it has been unmoved.  Yeh, I had removed the little stones and planted between the pavers before in another attack of “must do”.  But never had I gone to this extreme.  It was such hard work. I shook and needed juice every 10 minutes.  My granny flab and back of legs ached at work the next two days.  Even my gorgeous came in to help and I know how much he dislikes gardening.  Between the two of us exhausted peeps we got that path out.  Plants, grass, weeds and all!  

We dug the sides wide to add a plastic grass barrier.  But (admittedly mostly me) we managed to chop through the grass scew.  Hmm?*:-(  

We had to dig, lay, bury and dig again that plastic 4 times!  But now it looks good.  I planted Alison in Cleopatra’s colours between the pavers and now we are moving onto other boarders to dig up.  Gardening is such great exercise.  “It really flattens the belly!” says our local landscapist. 

Guess I should be off to do that while the sun is still up.Enjoy the sun with much sunblock! 

xx Monni